Catching some fresh powder at the end of a long working week may be easier than you think. Whilst many plan their ski holiday months in advance, last minute ski trips are a great way to have a real break at the weekend and escape the stresses of work. 


Make the most of your time skiing

You are likely to be on a tight time schedule and wanting to make the most of your weekend, so flying by private jet will drastically cut down the time of travel and get you much closer to the resort than scheduled services, making it an accessible and efficient way to ski at the weekend. Resorts such as Courchevel and Zermatt have smaller airports closer to the resorts that allow you to cut down the time spent driving – Chambery and Sion respectively. If you really wanted to speed up your journey to the slopes, a helicopter transfer from the airport is a good option. Fly on a Friday evening to arrive at your destination in time to enjoy an evening meal, hit the slopes and après-ski on Saturday, enjoy a leisurely day of skiing on Sunday and unwind at an Alpine Spa in the evening before flying back first thing on Monday morning feeling refreshed for a week in the office.


Keep an eye on the weather

Its probably worth keeping an eye on the snow forecast to ensure you’ll be able to make the most of your weekend getaway, ideally timing it with a snowfall of fresh powder. With JetCard you can decide that you want to travel last minute and we will guarantee you a private jet with as little as 24 hours’ notice. This will take away the risk of being delayed by a blizzard or being disappointed by icy, compacted snow and will allow you to plan around the weather as much as possible. However, if you have booked in advance and the weather suddenly turns you are still able to cancel your flight up to 7am the day before your flight.


Explore more than the slopes

The icy mountain air and the thrill of slaloming down the slopes may be enough for you, but if you want to do a little more with your weekend we have put together some of the best places to eat, party and unwind in 5 top ski resorts here.  

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