A new way to fly Trans-Atlantic with JetCard.
Competitive rates. Full flexibility.

The most flexible and competitive way to fly transatlantic, discover our new fixed rate for Global cabin flights. Ideal for business trips, fly between the United States and Europe and get access to a fixed competitive hourly rate and flexible benefits, available only with our JetCard.

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How our Trans-Atlantic JetCard works

  • Fully inclusive hourly rate on a Global cabin with no hidden costs

  • Competitively priced, giving you the best value on the market

  • Discount of 15% for qualifying roundtrips

  • Guaranteed availability with 96 hours’ notice

  • Cancel up to 72 hours in advance with no charge

$15,650 per hour or $13,300 per hour with roundtrip rate discount


Fly between any destinations in the United States and Europe with our new transatlantic JetCard rate.

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The most flexible JetCard membership programme

Trusted by global corporations,blue-chip companies, governments, heads of state and royalty for over 55 years, JetCard offers ultimate value and flexibility for frequent business flyers. Our JetCard is ranked #1 most flexible private jet membership programme in Europe and the US.

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