A seamless private jet solution perfect for corporates. Fixed hourly rates, guaranteed availability and global reach with as few as 24 hours’ notice. One JetCard can be used by an unlimmited number of users in the business. Your account is fully refundable and your hours never expire.

“The most exclusive frequent flyer programme in the world”
— The Independent

What are the benefits of owning a JetCard as a company? 

  • One JetCard can be used by an unlimmited number of users in the business
  • In case of a sudden appointment, request a jet 24 hours before the flight and we guarantee to provide you with a fitting Jet
  • No waisting time with doing all the time consuming paperwork that comes along with chartering a private jet, we will set everything up for you.
  • Your flight hours will never expire and your account balances are fully-refundable
  • Flying time is fixed, with no positioning costs and no hidden fees (no fuel, high density airport, deicing and no catering charges)
  • 15% discounts on qualifying return trips
  • The freedom to apply JetCard funds to on-demand jet charter, helicopters & car transfers
  • global coverage, 24/7, year-round

 New York

New York

“Air Partner’s JetCard is known to be one of the most flexible in the industry. So much so that Conklin & de Decker has ranked it as the most flexible card available, [beating] NetJets, VistaJet and Wheels Up”
— Corporate Jet Investor

JetCard Corporate Pharmaceutical Case Study   

The Challenge

A pharmaceutical company approached Air Partner Plc to look for a solution for their board of ‘C’ level executives. They needed to visit countries and cities where they have a footprint, clients and suppliers. Many of these trips did not work within the scheduled airline service. The company also wanted a fixed cost and equal access for all 4 executives in the event that they should require separate flights.


Our Solution

  • A Midsize JetCard with flexible access to Light, Very Light, Super Mid, Large & Global sized cabins with no interchange penalty fee
  • Fixed hourly rate for each category was agreed allowing procurement to budget for future costs
  • No limit to the JetCard’s named users allowing all 4 executives access
  • No limit to the number of jets they require on any particular day
  • Guaranteed aircraft with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice
  • Fully inclusive hourly rates covering positioning, VIP catering, fuel, airport fees, all taxes & charges, high density airport charges and de-icing
  • No expiry date or incremental rate increases on purchased hours meaning there was no pressure to travel and the company retained complete control of their flying
  • Option to exit programme at any time with any remaining balance being fully refunded
  • Free back up replacement aircraft -  reliability and transparency reassurances provided through Air Partner’s exclusive CharterPLUS offering that covers up to 150% of a flight sector cost in the event of an aircraft going tech
  • Additional $100 million passenger and 3rd party insurance cover


The Outcome

The pharmaceutical company was satisfied that all areas of their brief and requirements were met with the JetCard product. They are particularly pleased with the amount of time saved by avoiding scheduled airline services, as well as the flexibility of JetCard that allows for last minute changes


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“Considered a leading jet membership program, JetCard is celebrated for its flexibility, level of customer service and expertise”
— Elite Traveler
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