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The JetCard gives you private jet travel with ultimate flexibility and freedom. It allows you to benefit from fully inclusive hours and gain access to premium terms. You purchase hours of flying in advance, at an hourly rate that will depend on the size of aircraft you will use most often. We will work with you to understand your flying requirements and advise which would work best for you.

How does the JetCard work?

1. Purchase a card for your preferred aircraft category

2. With one card you are guaranteed a jet with as little as 24 hours’ prior notice and can freely upgrade or downgrade your aircraft category

3. When you want to fly, simply call your dedicated Account Manager from our Member Services team and they will take care of all the details of your flight – from flight planning to ground transportation

4. When you fly, you only pay for occupied flight time – there are no aircraft positioning fees. The flight time, including 6 minutes of taxi time at either end, is deducted from the balance of your card

5. Fly your hours in your own time - they never expire

Inclusive hourly rate

Inclusive hourly rate

Bespoke catering

Bespoke catering

Hours never expire

Hours never expire

What is the booking process once I’ve purchased the hours?

Your dedicated JetCard Account Manager will discuss any preferences or specific requirements ahead of the first flight. Once you know would like to book your first flight, you will just need to provide the date, departure times, route and number of passengers. As you will have signed an agreement when purchasing the card, there is no need for any further contracts and paperwork. Therefore, you can just communicate with your Account Manager via email, text or phone – whichever you would prefer. We will then confirm your flight and aircraft on an itinerary document and send you the on-board menus to select your catering. On the day of flight, we will organise for your Account Manager to be on hand at the private terminal if you wish, and keep you updated with departure and arrival movements. We will work hard to understand the passenger’s preferences, so that we already know what food, drinks and reading material they will enjoy on-board.  

What are the benefits of JetCard?

  • The fixed inclusive hourly rates mean the cost is completely transparent and you are able to budget ahead easily. You will also receive regular statements so you can easily keep track of the card’s usage.

  • There is an agreement signed once the card is purchased, but once that is completed no further paperwork or contracts are required, which speeds up the booking process.

  • Your dedicated Account Manager will quickly become accustomed to the passenger’s preferences and will work alongside you to ensure we meet expectations, communication via email, phone or text – whichever is best for you.

  • Our exclusive CharterPLUS guarantee means you always have a back up in place. In the rare event of a technical fault so the aircraft can’t fly, we will find a replacement of up to 150% of the flight sector cost and also offer additional $100 million passenger and 3rd party insurance cover.

  • The hours you purchase will never expire, so you can use them as and when you choose. You also have the freedom of being able to exit the programme at any time and receive your remaining balance in full. This means you aren’t tied in should circumstances change.

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