Why are businesses flying long-haul by private jet?

-David McCown - President, Air Partner US

As the world of commerce becomes increasingly global and companies are needing to stay connected across the world, business travel has never been so habitual. The flexibility of private jet travel can be invaluable for businesses, particularly when it deals in the most valuable currency of all – time.

A trend for long-haul Global cabin private jet flights

Over the past year, we’ve certainly seen a trend towards increased long-haul travel by private jet. According to WingX, the number of long-haul private charter flights between the USA and Europe has increased by 4.5% since the beginning of 2018. Among these flights, the Global Express was the most frequently chartered aircraft, followed by the Gulfstream G550. Aircraft manufacturers, including Dassault, Gulfstream and Bombardier, that already excel within the Global category, are further expanding their ultra-long range offering, signifying a focus on this area of the private aviation market. At Air Partner, we have responded to this trend for long haul travel by launching a new rate for transatlantic flights, allowing you to fly between any destination the USA and Europe at a competitive fixed rate that includes the flexible benefits of JetCard.

The most popular transatlantic private jet flight routes

In terms of the most flown transatlantic routes by private jet, it comes as no surprise that the most frequently flown routes are between London and New York. There are a variety of popular airports to fly to and from in both cities. New York’s Teterboro is ideal for access to or from Manhattan, whereas Westchester County airport is closer to White Plains. Across the pond, there is plenty of choice for London airports, depending on where is best located for you – among others, London City is ideal for the accessing the financial district, London Luton for north London and the renowned private airport at Farnborough if you don’t mind being a little further southwest.  Other popular American hubs include Washington, Chicago, Maine, Boston and Los Angeles. The top European hubs encompass all the key business cities you’d expect – London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Milan and more.

What industries are flying for business?

We see a variety of businesses from across a number of sectors choosing to fly long haul by private jet. These span, but are by no means limited to, finance, management consultancy, technology, pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment, sports and governments. Whilst the industry type varies significantly, the benefits of flying privately remain the same for businesses, whatever the sector.

Why are businesses choosing to fly long haul by private jet?

In the simplest terms – time. The one currency that can’t be earned or created, businesses are only going to be more productive if they can find more time. When flying by private jet, the 20 minutes required on the ground in a private terminal before flying is no time at all compared to the minimum hour spent waiting around in a busy airport hub. Once you’re in the air, you have the privacy and quietness of your cabin to spend that time productively, be it sleeping and resting ahead of the next leg of your journey, preparing for your next meeting when you land or continuing to work throughout the flight. Businesses also have the flexibility to plan their travel around their schedule, to ensure not a single minute is wasted and your itinerary runs like clockwork. You will always be able to fly direct to your preferred airport and you may even be able to reduce your road transfer at the other end by using small private regional airports.


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